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"Lowering offending & re-offending rates."

Syrus Consultancy C.I.C delivers crime prevention workshops using the creative arts. Workshops are aimed at deterring children and young people from offending and re-offending. Workshops include creative writing, theatre, music and spoken word poetry. Focus is on building confidence, communication skills and self esteem, while inspiring young people to engage in education, training and employment. We are an accredited centre, delivering the Arts Award at Bronze and Silver Level.

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LL6958 Motivate & Inspire

LoveLife6958 Motivate & Inspire

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Kreativ Monstarz Studio

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Coaching & Mentoring

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LoveLife6958 'Royal King'


He said he'd be ok
If all his 'opps' were dead.

I laughed and said,
If all your 'opps' were dead,
You'd have new ones by the end of the week.
By the end of the month, you'd be tooled up again,
By the end of the year, you'd be sitting in pen.

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Posted By Christopher Syrus read more

Back2Black Awards Winner


Winner of a Back2Black Award 2016 for inspirational work in the community.

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